Haifu experience sharing of an overseas Chinese in Thailand

Xin lan, an overseas Chinese in Thailand,and also a hard-working woman. Although she is a manager of restaurant, she always did spare time jobs on weekends,thus she always under tremendous pressure. Uterine fibroids have tortured her over 10 years, she had accepted myomectomy in 2007 due to severe multiple uterine fibroids. In recent years, the multiple uterine fibroids reappeared and symptoms were more and more severe. Doctors in many hospitals advised her to undergo hysterectomy or myomectomy again, but she wanted to preserve her uterus and to be a mother, so she refused surgeries. Recently, she studied High Intensity Focused Ultrasound(HIFU) which is a non-invasive treatment for uterine fibroids by surfing on the Internet. she was deeply attracted by this technique which will preserve uterus and fertility. She realized maybe this technique could help her, therefore, she chose the World Medical Center which is the first Haifu end-user hospital in Thailand.
Ken lin (alias), boyfriend of Xin lan, flied to Thailand from Singapore instantly when he knew HIFU could save his beloved. They have known each others nearly 20 years, they are very affectionate although they are not married. Ken lin said, Xin lan has been tortured by fibroids for many years, and this disease has affected their normal life.
The whole procedure lasted 140 minutes, 6 myomas in her uterus were ablated in one session without anesthesia. She will stay at hospital for one night observation, and the next day she will be discharged after MRI examination.
HIFU doctor communicated with Xin lan after HIFU procedure, doctor encouraged her shall do appropriate physical exercises and learn to relieve stresses, which will helpful to reduce recurrence rate of myomas. Ken lin said he will remind her to do more outdoor exercises and to combine exertion with rest.
Xin lan and Lin ken authorized us to record and share her HIFU experience to girls like her, she hopes every girl with uterine fibroid could find a good way to preserve uterus,and never give up uterus!


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