The first non-invasive treatment for South Africa in uterine fibroids

   Gauteng citizens who suffer from fibroids and other anatomical diseases can bow be treated at Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital in Soweto without undergoing invasive surgery.
   Treatment can now be done through a state-of-the -art high intensity focused ultrasound machine in less than 2 hours. The machine, donated by the Chongqing provincial government of China to the provincial health department, enables doctors to view the internal organs of patients on computer screens and to remotely treat them without surgery.
   Margaret Mlangeni was the first patient with fibroids to be treated by a team of local and Chinese doctors using the new equipment at Chris Hani Baragwanath yesterday.


   Fibroids are muscular tumours in the wall of the uterus, whose symptoms include heavy or prolonged menstrual bleeding and reproductive dysfunction.
  The doctors carried out the procedure in full view of the media and health MEC Qeddani Mahlangu.
  It took the medical practitioners 1 hours and 22 minutes to effect the cure.
  In a post-treatment interview, a tearful Mlangeni said the procedure was occasionally slightly painful but she said the disease had made her life difficult and she has never had children.


“I hope God will now bless me with children as He has blessed me with this machine,” she added.
  Mahlangu would not reveal the cost of the machine, but she said Bara was the first institution on the African continent to have acquired the equipment.
“This is the first patient ever in Africa to be treated with this machine and I’d like to thank the Chinese government and the doctors. I am very happy that the procedure was a success” she said.
  Doctors said the 82 minutes treatment was o complete success.
  Dr Raymond Setzen, a gynecologist at Bara, said: ”The patient lies prone on the stomach on the table, then with ultrasound imaging we isolate the tumors in the uterus, and the using our high intensity focused ultrasound, we sort of eradiate each of the tumors separately. This is under conscious ovation, so the patient is awake, she communicates with us and there is no invasive procedure at all. There is no cutting anything of the abdomen.””he said.
  Setzen said the patient was fine and was ready to go home after 2hours of operation.