Taiwan brother and sister’s HIFU story

Ms.Wang, who comes from the island of Taiwan, has a special feeling to Haifu. Suffered from uterine fibroid, Ms.Wang successfully kept her uterus by HIFU technology. What’s more, her brother with liver cancer was also saved by HIFU Tech, though he was “sentenced to death” by other surgeons. Because of the new growth uterine leiomyoma, Ms.Wang chosed Chongqing Haifu Hospital to treat the disease,fortunately here she met Dr.Wang Zhibiao, inventor of Haifu Ultrasound Focused Knife. Encouraged by Dr.Wang Zhibiao, Ms.Wang later described the treatment proceed is rather than an grateful journey. Benefited from Haifu, they will spread the positive energy to all over the world..


Dr.Xiong, Ms.Wang and Dr Wang

In the early morning on Nov. 14th, as Ms.Wang was waiting for the nurses who will send her to the operation room for the treatment of ultrasound ablation, Dr. Wang Zhibiao and his team came into the ward. “Are you Dr.Wang?!” Ms. Wang recognized at once the familiar figure,she said excitedly, “Dr.Wang, thank you very much,thank for HIFU technology, your team save the life of my brother and kept my uterus.”

Faced Dr.Wang’s careful inquiry, Mr.Wang told us the story between Haifu affectionately.

Six years ago. the first time came to Haifu
Six years ago, because of increasing quantity of menstruation, Ms.Wang was found with a 6.0 cm fibroid in her gynaecological diagnosis. Doctors from several famous hospitals of Taiwan suggested her to take the operation, 开腹剥除fibroid, and hysterectomy.

“I can’t accept operation and hysterectomy, so I try to find the newest way to treat fibroid through internet. As I finally found Haifu Technology, it really light up my heart. Immediately I booked the flight to Shanghai, in Xuhui Center Hospital I experienced ultrasound ablation treatment”.

Not only Ms Wang successfully saved her uterus, the quantity of menstruation soon recover from a normal level. The dia of the lesion shrinkage to 2cm in 3 years after the HIFU treatment.

Haifu save my brother with liver cancer

Ms.Wang has a elder brother. They live in a family full of warm and love. But it was broken by his brother, who was found liver cancer two years ago.

“liver cancer, 13 cm, no way to be saved any longer.” Doctor said quietly,as heavy shower from the sky. Ms.Wang cant’ believe the fact, the most respected person in life, her elder bother is going to die.

Brother was in deep despair during those period. Ms.Wang’s heart was almost broken, she asked her brother being more tenacious against the disease, they together faced and fight the caner. “I have only one faith - save my brother” Ms.Wang said.

Ms.Wang remembered liver cancer is one of the indication of Hifu Technology. “I went through lots of abstract from website and books,and found out that there are many successful treatment cases. I couldn’t conceal my excitement, and told my brother the way to save his life.

After emails with HIFU experts, Ms.Wang and her brother flied to Chongqing at once. The experts in Haifu Hospital made an integrated treatment plan: HIFU +Intervene. His brother became better and better after several causes of treatment.

“In this way, Haifu pulled my brother from edge of hell, he made a very good recovery and lives a happy life. Above all, Haifu gave him the hope and faith to live. ”

Come to Haifu Hospital with my brother

In the last one or two year, be busy taking care of brother from the hospitals between Chongqing and Taibei, Ms.Wang bear huge psychological pressure, without any attention to her health. Recently she was found another new fibroid with 5cm,but it never lead to anxiety, cause Ms.Wang believe in her mind, HIFU Tech will solve the problem.

“I know that Haifu Hospital is the original Basement of HIFU Technology, so I came here” Ms. Wang Said, “I companied my brother to Chonqing before.This time he insisted that we came here together,he will take care of me. I can feel his love, he is a good example to struggle with disease. I will be relaxing beside him. ”

Dr.Wang was deeply moved by the story of Ms.Wang and her brother.”You are truly brave fighter, I m very proud to be an member of Haifu team” Dr.Wang said excitedly, “We purpose is that treatment-minimized the harm to the patient. Under the non-invasive treatment, patients could actively fight with disease. From your experience, I find that you are master of your health, best wished for you!”


Dr.Wang left the room, following that Dr.Xiao Xiao, who is in charge of the treatment, successfully ablate the fibroid. On the next day, Ms.Wang was ready flight back to Taiwan.“The journey to Haifu Hospital, is more than a grateful journey”Ms.Wang said affectionately,“As beneficiaries of Haifu Technology, I m very glad to hear that many Taiwan hospitals have gradually brought Haifu Technology and treatment.If there are more people choose the advanced technology, more uterus will be avoid of resection,more lives of cancer patient will be saved.