I called your name, and you are mine.


Please do not be afraid, I have redeemed you, I called your name, and you are mine.

This passage recited from the Bible contributed to my meeting with HIFU, and it is such a precious language that has saved my life.

I started to study in Canada when I was 20 and then met my husband, until now I have been living in Canada for about 20 years.

Having witnessed the development of Korea day by day, suddenly I realized that overseas Koreans were like country folks from Los Angles and primitives in Toronto. By ignoring the advancement of Korea, I’ve been living a life of Toronto primitive unaware of the fact that I was carrying an 8 cm fibroid. I suffered melancholia since the infertility caused by tumor, blaming on my own dysmenorrhea. 4 uterine fibroids of mine were excised in Toronto in December 2008. The doctor suggested that pregnancy rate after resection was very high which gave us a great deal of hope. We have been trying to welcome our own baby since then.

Unfortunately, with time goes by the dysmenorrheal became worse and worse. The healed scar of myomectomy was extremely terrible looking. For the reason of suddenly appeared menorrhagia and dysmenorrheal, sometimes the surgical spot excised in accordance with underwear line would turn cyan with incredible pain. I was diagnosed as uterine adenomyosis after consulting another doctor.

The doctor told us severe uterine adenomyosis would cause infertility. He suggested us to try pregnancy promoter and test-tube baby to raise the possibility of pregnancy. Nevertheless, the pregnancy promoter (I would rather take it as long as it’s effective) didn’t work for us. Then we started to consider a test-tube baby and looked up for relative information. However the cost of a test-tube baby was exceedingly unaffordable for a couple like us, so we tried to look for doctors qualified in this field in Korean owned OB&GYN hospital in Toronto.

However, it turned out a hard nut to crack too. My husband and I live and work in Canada, so he couldn’t stay in Korea for a long time. Our first intention was to stay in home of my sister in-law who ran a traditional Chinese medicine hospital. Recognizing that I must have bothered the relatives a lot, still I preserved to receive Chinese medicine treatment. Nevertheless the treatment of uterine adenomyosis having developed to 10 cm proved difficult. I was conquered by both physical and psychological sufferings, giving up on the idea of having a baby. Irregular menstrual cycle and intolerable dysmenorrhea as well as anemia, let alone the uncontrollable hemorrhage made me want to die.

My husband who was always by my side, felt very sad for watching me suffer so much. So we decided to give up having a baby and to receive hysterectomy in Canada again. Maybe this is meant to be, during an appointment with my responsible doctor I told him my intention of having a hysterectomy, and he informed me that my lesion was unresectable. (I wasn’t quite clear about what he was talking). The doctor also told me it was impossible to resect my uterus, even if the hysterectomy was conducted; there was no guarantee to my life safety. I could feel a coldness run though my whole body while hearing of his words, but a subtle thought grew up in my mind in the meantime that I might be able to save my womb. I asked the doctor if there was a miracle that I could be pregnant and deliver a baby, was it possible to receive hysterectomy after then. The doctors’ answer was positive which gave me a hope like a glimmer of light straight in darkness. As far as I concern, with the development and advancement of medical science, one day uterine adenomyosis could be treated without cutting and excision. Afterwards, I read the micro-blog of Dr. Lee Jae Sung of Incheon Christian Hospital on the internet and learned about high intensity focused ultrasound.

Please do not be afraid, I have redeemed you, I called your name, and you are mine.

As a Christian, without being treated of course also not being able to be treated by hysterectomy, but with a firm belief in Jesus’ experience and words, I packed and went to Korea at once. Without doubt and hesitation, I called the HIFU therapeutic center of Incheon Christian Hospital and made an appointment. Then the only thing I had to do is waiting for the second consultation with Dr. Lee Jae Sung. It might be because of the fasting one night before treatment and I was very tired during the operation, I suffered a lot of pain after the treatment. However, every day I took medicine on time, had a hip bath and enjoyed delicious food with my mother, dreaming about having a baby of my own once again.

After the HIFU treatment, there was nothing uncomfortable except keeping a fast for one day. Watching others in the hospital ward having food was not so easy. In addition, carrying the urine catheter was a little uncomfortable, so after I was able to move to the washroom slowly by myself, it was displaced with the nurse’s permission.

I have started a new life through the HIFU treatment and realized how important the womb is to a woman. 6 aunties visited me in my grandmother’s home after having heard the news of my operation; I introduced and recommended HIFU treatment to them. Particularly to me, if I were not aware of HIFU treatment, I must have been living an anxious and melancholy life until now. HIFU treatment has saved my life.

I want to express my gratitude to Dr. Lee Jae Sung of Incheon Christian Hospital and everyone who has kindly helped me. I would like to recommend HIFU treatment to all female friends who are still suffering uterine adenomyosis, and to those Korean living in Canada when I’m back there.